Slurry Make Down

Wide Scope Minerals produces slurry from white minerals to the specification of our customers, mainly in the paper-, coating-, and paint industries. 

This allows customers to focus on their core processes fully, as we focus completely on our core process: the make down of minerals into slurry. The vast amount of experience we bring to the job translates into excellent quality control, (cost-)efficiency and reliability.

Our configuration with multiple smaller and larger storage tanks enables us to be very flexible in terms of different grades and volumes. This allows a high flexibility for the outgoing logistics, enabling a seamless planning and just-in-time deliveries to keep storage costs to a minimum.

With our sister company Wide Scope Shipping & Forwarding coordinating both the in- and outgoing logistics, as well as the slurry production planning, we ensure timely delivery of the correct product quality in the correct volume.

To learn in detail what our full service concept can offer you, please do not hesitate to contact us.